Very busy time for me, as the majority of my final theses and papers are due in the next few days. Finals begin at the end of this week. So I do not expect to have much posting done until after 7 May. By 10 May I plan to make another post on the Battle of France (10 May being the anniversary of the German offensive). 

This week I also hope to post my impressions from several years experience with combat air sims and research into the subject.


David said...

Do you have any take on Rick Atkinson's volumes on the U.S. Army, An Army At Dawn and Day Of Battle?

highheeledhistorian said...

This seems like an interesting blog, great to meet a fellow historian blogging.

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MPChris said...

Have you read Clark's Operation Barbarossa? Great Read!

Kenneth Gibbons LLC said...

Can't wait for the next post. Love history and watch history channel every night. Thanks, Kenneth Gibbons LLC

Alexandra said...

Interesting blog. I love reading about WWII specifically.

Matt Maury said...

Hello, Following your blog for a course I am enrolled right now for my Bachelor's...I look forward to learning and expanding my knowledge of WW II.

Matt Maury

wwii-military.webs.com said...


this is a great site to get to know add it to you favourites like this one you get emailed great historical pdfs used during the wwii. So have fun.

carlos Gonzalez said...

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