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This is, of course, an interactive community. I cannot always think of the best topics to write about day after day, and I am looking forward to receiving suggestions and requests from my readers. If you want to see a particular topic addressed, if I don't know about it I will spend a moderate amount of time on the research and make a post. If you think you can get me to write your term paper for you, however, you are mistaken.

I am also interested in receiving submissions, a sort of guest-blogger system I suppose. If I receive a submission from someone that is a well-written topical piece with proper references I will add it as a post. Of course you will receive full credit as the author, and I will add any links to it you wish (good marketing for your blog as well perhaps). The purpose being to enhance the content of the site for my readers and perhaps to add a different perspective.

Submission Guidelines:
  • Delivered to me via e-mail (morriso_chas@bentley.edu).
  • Document format, preferably Word, RTF or Open Office formats. As long as it is not badly formatted requiring lots of editing.
  • Proper references. I do not expect a page full of endnotes but if you make extravagant claims or have numerous figures then please do a short works cited section at the bottom.
  • Your name, and preferably a short bio about yourself and any links you want to add.
  • No More than 1000 words (unless you want to post an exerpt)
  • Proper grammar, spellchecking. The usual.
  • Topically related to history. Does not have to be military history or WWII persay. But preferably is.
  • Plagarism - Obviously don't. I WILL check google and turnitin.com's database and I will discover if you did not write this piece.
I can give you no gaurantees that I will post this, but I do gaurantee I will read your submission and respond to you either way. I may want to hold the post for a few weeks if I have other things waiting to be released.

Do not feel daunted by the list of requirements; I will gladly accept just about any piece in good faith even just to read it. While this may not be the grandest stage in the world I do have a good number of dedicated visitors daily as well as a good following from academia. This blog is syndicated on about ten different RSS feed services and distributed all over the world electronically.

I reserve the right to do basic editing of spelling, grammar and any major faults. If you have added something that I find questionable or biased I may ask you to remove it before I post the piece. You can publish the piece to anywhere you wish and retain exclusive rights, though I retain the right to keep it on this blog and distribute it through my feeds and network of websites.

I look forward to your submissions or ideas.


ithascome said...

Just wanted to invite people to visit my website which is in honor of my Dad a WWII POW.

The link is Deliverance! It has come! WWII, POW Diary (1942-1945)

World War Stories said...

Superb War story I m so delighted with the story, keep writing stories like this...it helps a lot!

Unknown said...

Hi Chase,

Great blog!

I’m from the publishing house Simon and Schuster. I was wondering if you might be interested in reviewing, on your blog, a soon-to-be-published book about WWII. It focuses on transcripts of conversations between German POWs, and is called ‘Soldaten: On Fighting, Killing, Dying’ by Sonke Neitzel and Harald Welzer. If you’re interested let me know (hetta.howes@simonandschuster.co.uk) and I can get a review copy in the post to you, and a press release with more information.



Big Brother said...


My name is Grant Sullens. I am the creator of Watchword Apparel. We revive historic imagery and propaganda and put them on shirts. The World Wars, our first collection of T-Shirts, was released on Kickstarter.com recently. This collection features 6 t-shirts with WWI and WWII propaganda on them. As this is such a niche market, I’m having trouble getting this project funded. If you would like to see the designs and the t-shirts just click on one of the links below.I was wondering if we could cross-market each other. You could possibly post about my t-shirts and get this to people that are interested in this time period and in return I would include a flyer for your website or museum in every package I ship. This way we are both reaching our target demographic. If you would like to view the t-shirts just click on one of the links below.


Grant Sullens

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John Smith said...

Hello Chase,

My name is Randy J. Stucker. I have begun the initial process of working towards the production of a documentary about the “Four Days of Naples”, the period of time from 27 September to 30 September, 1943, when the citizens of Naples, Italy rose up and drove the German army out of their city prior to the arrival of the allied forces on 1 October. This is a story which my research to this point indicates is largely unknown by Americans, and quite possibly little known outside of Italy itself. My goal is to concentrate on the witnesses and survivors of those events, allowing those individual to tell the story themselves as opposed to using long narratives. Seeing as the youngest of these would be in their early 80’s and older, I believe it is important to get their stories on film while the opportunity exists.

I am reaching out to various blogs and websites in the hope that the responsible people will also agree that this is an important part of world history that deserves to be made known to a wider audience. I pray that you too will feel this is a worthwhile project.

As for promoting this project, I have so far started two pages on facebook, one in English and one in Italian. Here are the links if you would like to check them out:



My reason for contacting you is the hope, in the event you view this as a worthwhile undertaking, that you would consider posting something to your site regarding my efforts. I am also working on an article about the events of those days and of my desire to produce this documentary which, if you were to be so kind, I would gladly submit to you for publication.

I thank you for taking the time to read this, and for your consideration of my request. Any assistance you can provide will of course be greatly appreciated.


Randy J. Stucker