It's been a week since I have made a post on the blog; I have been busy with midterms and various projects. I should have some freetime on wednesday during which I am going to post something about a recent study from the NSA which regards Japanese chatter before Pearl Harbor.

I hesitate to enter into a long discussion about whether or not the authorities knew about PH in advance, so I will let you read the documentation for yourself. I'll post a link to the pdf files as well as a brief synopsis.

As of late I have been doing enormous amounts of research (several hours per day) on the initial rise of the Reich during the early 1930s. I will attempt to boil down the key points during the time, and possibly include a summary text. My next few planned posts will hopefully include:

  • The Nazi Party and their "State within a state"
  • The key events and points which led to the rise of the Third Reich
  • Some background - including the monarchy, Weimar Republic, influence of Junkers and Hindenburg. Also will touch on the myth and legend of Frederick the Great.


Dave said...

RE: Pearl Harbor

I think that the War and Navy Departments knew that "something" was coming, but the commanders in Hawaii and the Philippines handled the warnings badly. The allegation that FDR sandbagged warnings to manipulate the U.S. into war is myth.

What is interesting to me is the dramatic effect that the Japanese surprise attack has had on U.S. military and diplomatic thinking. Even today, PH looms larger than 9/11.

Dave said...

I would be keen to learn more about your take on German history and it's influence on the rise of the Nazis.

Chase Morrison said...

Without a doubt, the Nazis never could have come to power without the backing of the industrialists and monarchists. The effect which the old reactionary right had on their rise to power was astounding simply because of how short-sighted they were.

The stage was set long before the 1930s, even before 1918 and Versailles. The inexplicable and paralyzing weakness which crept over the German people during the Weimar republic has roots well before even Bismarck's Second Reich.

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