Recommended Games

For those interested in tactical gaming, I would recommend the following games that I play or have friends that play.

Steel Beasts Pro Personal Edition - A personal version of a game that is used to train real world militaries, there is no better tank simulator on the civillian market.

Battleground Europe (WWIIOL) - A massively multiplayer online WWII combined arms game. Infantry, tanks, fighters, bombers, ATGs and ships are available to play. There is no game out there like it, but it does have its flaws. It has been out since 2001 and the graphics, bells and whistles are not all there, but the core is incredible.

ARMA (Armed Assault) - An excellent squad based FPS game, it comes as close to realistic modern combat as I have seen. Playable units include infantry, vehicles, tanks, APCs, helicopters, jets, artillery and more. It is available for only $20 online at gamersgate and it has a large amount of mods. I suggest the ACE (Advanced Combat Environment) mod.

Rome: Total War - A strategy game that allows you control ancient militaries down to the tactical level on the battlefield. To get a real feel for what it was like to command an army of archers, cavalry and melee infantry is something that will help you understand the complexities of ancient warfare.


Dave said...

Are these board games or computer games or online games?

Chase Morrison said...

They are all computer games. The only board game I can recommend would be Squad Leader.

Battleground Europe is a massively multiplayer WWII simulation; you play with hundreds of people at a time fighting in battles. Think of it as World of Warcraft for WWII nuts.

Steel Beast Pros is a singleplayer tank simulation, thought it does have limited multiplayer capability. A lot of countries actually use it to train their tank crews.

ARMA is a multiplayer game, much in the light of the traditional Call of Duty or Battlefield series, but far more realistic.

Rome: Total War is a single player strategy game, which is actually a lot like a very complex version of Risk. It is similar to the Civilization series of games. You control the economy of your cities, train soldiers and you control them in large battle simulations. The History Channel uses it in a show to display the tactics of ancient battles.

shifty said...

ya but there are alot of assholes who play wwiiol


Chase Morrison said...

Yah people like shifty. Bastards.

Unknown said...

I can recommend numerous board games:

Advanced Squad Leader by MMP
Any of the Operational Combat Series by MMP
War in the Pacific by Decision Games

There are TONS more out there: